Gellifique Benefits

  • Certified products
  • HEMA free range available
  • High customer retention rate
  • Clever product design: inner glass is brown colour instead of clear to help the gel last longer
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free products
  • Ongoing Pro discount
  • Wholesale & “one-off Switcher” discounts
  • 100% gel products with amazing coverage and 3+ weeks wear

Q. Can I buy your products?

A. Gellifique LTD supplies its products to fully qualified nail technicians, nail technicians in training, nail schools, qualified educators, salon owners, suppliers and wholesale buyers specializing in professional product distribution.

Q. How do I create an account?

A. Please follow this link Register and fill out all the sections. Please pay attention when inputting your contact details in order to ensure a smooth delivery process. Don’t forget to tick all the boxes, including “terms and conditions”.

Q. How do I register as a professional?

A. To register as a professional please first create an account with us and then email over a copy of your certificate which confirms your training or an equivalent document which demonstrates that you are a professional involved in the beauty industry i.e. own a salon and employ qualified nail technicians.

Q. How will I know when I have been added to the “Pro Network”

A. You will receive a confirmation email from us and all the prices on your screen will appear reduced (please make sure you are logged in)


Q. Where is my order?

A. You can see the progress of your order with the tracking number which you will be able to view in your account once you have placed your order. Please allow 3- 5 working days for delivery.

Q. I am experiencing issues with delivery how can you help?

A. All orders are passed to couriers of your selected delivery service; My Hermes, DPD or DHL. Occasionally delivery issues may arise which are outside of our control. These issues may be sickness or accident involving the courier, errors in the shipping agent’s systems or local operating hours. If we are contacted by our customers regarding a delivery issue we get in touch with the courier within a 24 hour period. Normally the shipping agent will need an additional 24-48 hours to investigate the issue and get back to us. If the package is lost we will issue a refund. However, if the package has been returned to us as a result of the courier not being able to deliver it i.e. “failure to deliver on three occasions” there is nothing we can do to stop that from happening. In the latter case, the customer will need to wait until the items are returned back to us and if another dispatch in requested cover the delivery charge. In any case please rest assured we strive to solve any issues with our customer’s best interest in mind.

Q. My order did not arrive?

A. Please check the status of your order with the provided tracking number. The courier will upload any updates it may have regarding your shipment. If you need further help from us please get in touch on

Q. My order is damaged/item is broken

A. Please email a photo and video of the broken item as we will need to keep these on file. If your items have arrived broken we will try our best to replace these free of charge (subject to availability) however, the shipping fee will need to be covered by the receiver.


Q. Which discounts do you offer?

A. Our ongoing 10% “Pro discount”, 5% off on orders over £60, 5% off on orders over £100

Q. I am a school/training provider, what are the benefits of working with Gellifique?

A. Low MOQ (minimum order quantity), pre-packaged student kits for acrylic gel and gel polish, a wholesale discount of up to 40% off.


Q. Where can I find the ingredient list and application guides?

A. Both of the above elements can be found in the description section of each product. The ingredients are also listed on the label on the back of each product.

Q. Are your products VEGAN?

A. Yes, our products do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Q. Are your products HEMA free?

A. Our latest range of products is HEMA free (these products are marked “HEMA free” in the description) The older range of colours is not.

Q. Are your products Cruelty-Free?

A. Yes, Gellifique finished products are not tested on animals and as part of the good manufacturing practice, we have a written declaration from our manufacturing plant that it has not commissioned any animal testing on finished products, their prototypes or any of the ingredients on its finished products or their prototypes.

Q. Are your products safe?

A. Yes, Gellifique invests heavily in obtaining all the correct certification for its products. Our products are shipped internationally and our shipping agents require all the paperwork on the safety of the products being transported. Furthermore, toxicological profiles of the ingredients in the formulation along with other assessments are completed here at a UK based laboratory.

GellifiQue SDS UV/LED Gel Polish

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Rubber Base

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Microcrystal Base Coat

Gellifique SDS UV/LED 2 in 1 Apex Gel

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Acrylic Gel


Q. Do you manufacture branded UV/LED lamps?

A. No, we do not manufacture branded accessories at the moment as our R&D focus is on UV/LED gel. Our products can be cured with a responsibly purchased and maintained in good condition 48W UV/LED lamp.

Q. How do I know if your product will cure with my UV/LED lamp?

A. During the manufacturing process, all of our products are tested using the lowest possible emissions of UV/LED light. However, due to the fact that our gel polishes are very pigmented and thicker in texture, we recommend using a UV/LED lamp of at least 48W to ensure that the gel cures quickly and without sliding, bubbling etc, Therefore, it is our recommendation to purchase your lamp from a reliable supplier and to maintain it in top condition i.e. by replacing bulbs when necessary, etc


Q. Do you have a Facebook Group?

A. Facebook Page

Q.Do you have an Instagram account?

A. Instagram Page

Q. Do you have a Newsletter?

A. Yes, you can sign up to our newsletter by ticking this option in your account during registration.