Gellifique™ invests heavily in obtaining all the correct certifications for its products.

All raw materials present in our HEMA free line of products have been tested with SGS, which is a world-renowned testing facility. 

Our products are shipped internationally and our shipping agents require all the paperwork on the safety of the products being transported. Furthermore, toxicological profiles of the ingredients in the formulation along with other assessments are completed here at the UK based laboratory.


Gellifique® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

Gellifique® Antiseptic Surface Spray

Gellifique® Nail Surface Cleanser SDS

Gellifique® Acetone SDS

Gellifique® Acid Free Bonder SDS

GellifiQue® Microcrystal Base Coat SDS

Gellifique® Microcrystal Top Coat SDS

Gellifique® Rubber Base Coat SDS

Gellifique® Rubber Top Coat SDS

Gellifique® Gel Polish Colour SDS

Gellifique® Magnetic Gel Polish SDS

Gellifique® Gel Paint SDS

Gellifique® Ultra Seal Gel SDS

Gellifique® Blooming Gel SDS

Gellifique® Transfer Gel SDS

Gellifique® Apex Gel SDS 

Gellifique® 2 in 1 Apex Gel SDS

Gellifique® Acrylic Gel SDS

Gellifique® Hard Builder Gel SDS

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