Glitter 039


Type: UV/LED Gel Polish

Volume: 12 ml

Consistency: Medium

Coverage: Opaque Coverage

Application: Encapsulated glitter - Watch Demo

Removal: Soak off in acetone

Location: UK Warehouse

Delivery: 3-5 working days



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A range of encapsulated glitter in twenty two shades. Give great coverage, opacity and mega shine.

Watch Video - product demo 1

Watch Video - product demo 2


  • FREE from 10 toxic elements
  • MSDS approved
  • encapsulated glitter particles
  • super shine
  • doesn't shrink
  • medium consistency
  • soak off formula


  • gently buff the nail and remove any residue with a specialised cleanser for gel polish application
  • apply a primer
  • apply a base coat and cure in LED/UV lamp 30-60sec or 1-2min (depending on the strength of your lamp)
  • apply first coat of colour in a thin layer coating the entire nail and the free edge, cure as above
  • repeat the above step for the second coat of colour
  • apply a top coat of your choice in one coat and cure as above
  • ensure that the gel polish does not touch the skin around the nail or the cuticles before curing to avoid lifting as the nail starts to grow out.
  • apply cuticle oil


  • keep away from direct sunlight and UV/LED lights to stop the gel polish from curing inside the bottle
  • avoid cold temperatures as it thickens the gel polish
  • use a specialised cleanser to remove tacky surfaces


When you decide to remove the colour please never pull it off or scrape it off the nail, as this causes nail surface damage. Remove according to the instructions.

  • use the soft side of the GellifiQue buffer to remove the shine from the nail. If you have applied more than 2 coats of colour please use the rougher side
  • soak a lint free pad in acetone, apply on the nail and wrap in tinfoil
  • set an alarm for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes take off the tinfoil from the nail you started from and check if the gel polish is flaking off, if so remove it with a wooden cuticle pusher
  • please note if you have applied more than 2 coats of gel colour give it an extra 5 minutes. It is best to be patient to avoid damaging the nails
  • once the gel polish is ready for removal use a wooden cuticle pusher to remove it. Continue this process one by one, do not unwrap the nails all at once as it will make the removal more difficult
  • buff away any residue with a soft buffer
  • if you are not going to apply gel polish, apply cuticle oil
A20 - Gl029

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Colour Group
Navy #465e86

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