PRO Gel Polish

A 100% gel UV/LED polish is a creamy, thicker textured gel formula which is pigment rich and provides great coverage. Please use a 48W UV/LED lamp to cure our gel polish range and familiarise yourself with the correct application techniques.

PRO Gel Polish

  • Bonjour
    <p>Elegantly sheer yet with substantial coverage these colours are never out of style and are always highly requested</p>
  • Pastel
    <p> These classic tones in a creamy finish are an ultimate mid - season staple colour range. Just in time before the heatwave of summer arrives and it's time to switch it up once again.</p>
  • Rainbow Dust
    <p>Revised formula of the original collection now available in 15 ml size and 100% Gel Colour</p>
  • Metallic
    <p>Soft hues in a flawless monochromatic metallic finish </p>
  • Neon
  • Glass Gel
    <h2></h2> <p>Create Instagram trending #jellynails with our Glass range. These gels in a range of bright hues provide a pop of colour and a are perfect for summer time.</p>

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