For all of you that have been waiting patiently for this highly requested product to be back in stock its finally here!! First released almost 4 years ago it was an instant hit amongst nail technicians that love to work with hard gel in thinner consistency.

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Initially called "Advance Builder Gel" it now rocks a new name of "Light Structure Hard Gel" (all images on the website are to be updated this week) that clearly communicates its properties. We now have a full line of hard builders that suit all clients needs:

  • Light Structure Hard Gel: fluid texture so close to a BIAB with great adhesions, highly self leveling and 3/5 strengthening properties
  • Pro Care Hard Gel: medium fluidity, highly self leveling and 5/5 strengthening properties
  • Speed Sculpt: gel with thixotropic properties, lightly self leveling, ideal for repairs and strengthening properties of 5/5

The Light Structure Hard Gel line now consists of 7 staple colours that were highly popular, 1 brand new shade Angel along with 4 shades that are available as a last chance.

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