About us

Incorporated in 2015 Gellifique LTD specialises in delivering professional-grade nail products for salon use worldwide. At the moment we have over 100 HEMA free products and by 2021 we hope to have achieved a complete switch to an all HEMA free product range. We follow the good manufacturing practice and have documents from our manufacturing plant to confirm that all ingredients and product prototypes are cruelty-free. All of the Gellifique finished products are also cruelty-free.

Our products do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients and are therefore considered Vegan.

All products are primarily certified by our manufacturing plant. That original paperwork is then kept on file and Gellifique LTD selects two separate labs; one in the UK and one internationally to cross-reference and test the products for quality control and to generate further documentation.

Who do we supply our products to

Gellifique LTD supplies its products to fully qualified nail technicians, nail technicians in training, nail schools, qualified educators, salon owners, suppliers and wholesale buyers specialising in professional product distribution.

Please note that although we request proof of your training we are not liable to ensure that you have the correct training for each individual product. You are solely responsible for being competent in and understand the consequences of working with professional-grade products which we distribute without the necessary training.

Who do we cooperate with

Gellifique LTD aims for “organic growth” and is therefore continuously seeking skilled nail technicians worldwide who can collaborate with us in creating quality content for our customers.

We select only one individual to cover a large region as our “Brand Ambassador”. Our brand ambassadors upon expressing interest can participate in the local distribution of our products at no cost to themselves.


GellifiQue SDS UV/LED Gel Polish

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Rubber Base

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Microcrystal Base Coat

Gellifique SDS UV/LED 2 in 1 Apex Gel

Gellifique SDS UV/LED Acrylic Gel

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Country of origin: Our products are manufactured at a lab based in China with strict adherence to EU Cosmetic Product Regulation (No.1223/2009) and its amendments. Our lab specialises in the production of gel/acrylic-based products for the nail industry only. Our products are registered on the CPNP portal and are certified as required by law with MSDS/SDS and CPSR certification; the latter are completed by a lab here in the UK.