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What is Apex Gel Is it worth the hype (HEMA FREE)Similarly to the Acrylic Gel system being a fusion of gel and acrylics ,the Apex Gel system or also commonly known as Builder Gel in a Bottle ( as opposed to in a pot) is a fusion of gel polish and hard builder gel. It is an amazing invention to add strength and even our brittle natural nails. It is not however, a replacement for hard builder gel system as it is predominantly a regular gel based product. Its longevity is therefore limited unlike a real hard builder gel system which lasts up to 4 weeks or more. As a professional nail technician selecting a product which is right for the type of service you offer is key as there is no one product suit all and product selection should always be a tailored approach to your clients needs and requirements. Dont forget correct training is crucial! Find reliable and accredited training providers near you. All of our products are:Fully certified.Not tested of animals.Do not contain animal or animal derived ingredients.HEMA free (new range) A little bit about us:we are located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom all of our customers benefit from an ongoing 10% off + a further discount on orders over 60 and 100. we supply our products only to fully qualified nail techs and those in trainingplease supply your certificate to us before shopping with us to .we ship times are 3-5 working price is calculated at the checkout and is based on weight of the package.VAT is included in the price.wholesale is available. _____________________________________________________________#gellifique #glitterfade #nailvideos #encapsulatednails #nailextensions #acrylics #uknails #glitternailart #naglar #glitternails #nudenails#gellifique_gel_colour #sculptednails #gellifiqueapexgel2in1pink 172 likes