Please ensure you have the correct training required for application and removal of Artificial Nail Tips.

Gellifique® Precision Quick Tips are a full cover artificial nail system which offers a great alternative to using other tip or sculpt products such as Acrylic or Gel.

These are not your average nail tips.

Made out of dissolvable, premium - grade polymer this Gellifique® System offers an artificial nail tip with superior clarity, flexibility and strength. Thus, reducing your manicure service time in half.


  • Sanitise your and your client's hands.
  • Using your choice of remover ensure the client’s nails are completely free from polish or gel.
  • Perform a dry manicure removing any non-living tissue with cuticle nippers.
  • Reduce the length of nails to around 2mm. Gently remove the shine using a nail buffer and remove remaining dust with Isopropyl Alcohol solution.
  • Size your Precision Quick Tips so that the side walls of the tips are parallel to the growth channels and the nail fits from sidewall to sidewall comfortably. Make a note of the sizes used for each client for their next visit.
  • Crucial step: Remove completely the shine on the inside well area of the tip using either a coarse grit file, e-file or using the Gellifique™ Oval Gel Brush melt the well area with some Acetone. This must be done in order for correctadhesion to take place.
  • Once all 10 tips are etched, remove any remaining dust and apply Bonder or Primer on the inside of the tip.
  • If you require extra adhesion apply the Gellifique™ Acid-Free Bonder to the natural nail avoiding skin contact


  • Apply a thin coat of Gellifique® Medium Rubber Base Coat to the entire natural nail plate on all 5 fingers and cure for 60 seconds LED or 120 seconds UV.
  • Repeat the process on the other hand.
  • One nail at a time, apply a thin coat of Rubber Base Coat to the contact area and then a bead to the cuticle area of the nail tip. This amount will vary depending on the shape and length of the tip you are using and your client’s nail bed so adjust as necessary.
  • Please allow enough space to be left so when you press the nail tip into place the empty space gets filled with the product and covers the entire length of the client's nail.


  • Align the tip to the nail and starting at the cuticle area at a 45-degree angle gently press it down into place allowing the Rubber Base Coat to evenly spread across the hollow area of the tip and flow down the natural nail.
  • You should not have any bubbles or missing areas of gel, likewise, you should not have any gel coming out from either side of the tip.
  • Please clean any residue or extra product away prior to curing.


  • Ensure the nail is not pressed down too much or angled downwards. Once you are happy with the positioning of the nail tip and ensure that there are no gaps or air bubbles. Carefully press on the nail tip to hold it in place and using your Gellifique® Pro Cure Mini UV/LED Lamp flash cure each nail for about 10/15 seconds.
  • Repeat the step on each nail.
  • Once all the nails have been flash cured into place, place the entire hand into the UV/ LED lamp and cure for further 60 seconds LED or 120 seconds UV.


  • Once all the tips have been cured, refine the sidewalls and shape if needed.
  • Remove the shine with a buffer or melt the surface with Gellifique® Acetone and a Lint Free Wipe to prepare for the application of Gel Polish Colour.


  • Sanitise your own and your client's hands.
  • Remove Gel Polish Colour using a hand file or an e-file if trained.
  • Take down the length of the tip to the length of the natural nail.
  • Wrap each finger with cotton wool and Gellifique® Acetone and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Push off any dissolved product using your cuticle pusher.
  • Soak again if required.
  • Gently buff off any remaining product and cleanse the natural nail plate.
  • Avoid overfiling at all times as it will thin out the nail plate and can cause serious nail trauma.

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