Q. Which products can I purchase at Gellifique®?

We retail professional grade UV/LED gel products for a range of in salon services such as:

  • gel polish manicure
  • structured manicures with soak off, builder gel 
  • overlays and extensions with file off, true builder gels and acrylic gels
  • extensions with full coverage gel nail tips 

Q. Do you offer tools and accessories?

We work with a number of internationally recognised European suppliers to offer a range of cuticle prep tools as well as a range of Gellifique essential for salon use.

These essentials are:

  • 100% lint free wipes
  • nail art brushes and gel sculpting brushes 
  • surface cleansers
  • UV/LED lamps

Q. Do you retail a UV/LED builder gel in a bottle ?

We offer a range of soak - off, self levelling gel products that can create a strengthening overlay on the natural nail. This natural nail overlay will enhance and reinforce the nail giving it an immaculate shape and a more "structured appearance".

These products are often referred to in the nail industry as "builder gel in a bottle".

At Gellifique we have a number of options which can be used by NTs trained in sculpting products:

  • Pro Care Smart Base: a low acidity formula that is better suited to the PH level of the natural nail. The product has a medium texture, easily soaks off and can be used for sculpting, short extension and overlays on short to medium nail lengths. A great alternative to traditional brush on builder formulas that can cause nail dehydration and irritation via prolonged use in some individuals.

  • Apex Build: Apex Build is the ultimate, multifunctional base and build product designed with cutting-edge technologies to elevate your nail game and to be used alongside the Smart Base range. Experience a long lasting wear of up to 28 days and fantastic colour intensity. 

Q. Do you retail a UV/LED builder gel in a pot ?

We offer a number of potted, true builder gels which are suited for natural nail overlays, sculpting and extensions on forms or with tips. 

A true, hard gel is a file off product with a formula that creates a super strong enhancement which unlike a soak - off product shields it from aggressive chemicals such as acetone for example.

At present we offer a number of options:

  • Pro Care Sculpting Gel : low acidity formula with superior self levelling properties and super strong, chip free finish. The product files easily and you can quickly refine and create the desired shape. 

  • Advance Builder Gel: medium acidity, self levelling gel for all types of sculpting with paper forms or tips.

  • Advance Sculpting Gel: medium acidity, none self levelling gel. A thick, jelly like consistency builder gel that can be used to quickly repair chipped corners, reinforce the free edge or add length without using paper forms. 

  • Speed Sculpt - thixotropic gel formula. Coming soon. 

Q. Are your products 12 FREE / 14 FREE / 18 FREE / Hypoallergenic etc ?

A. We carry over 300 products in various formulations and have done so since 2015. Our products are known for their formulation that avoids skin sensitisation, with much positive feedback from clients that have intolerances. Gellifique® formula has a far less content of skin sensitising chemicals (CLP classification of skin sensitisers) than an industry leading brand*.

However, due to the rise in dermal allergies in the nail sector, we have made changes to our advertising policies and no longer advertise our products as "hypoallergenic" and similar. Some of our older product labels / branding may still carry these statements.  

It has been also brought to our attention that many allergy sufferers are not receiving medical diagnosis. They are therefore unaware of what they are allergic to precisely making it very difficult to produce products which are indefinitely suitable for individuals with intolerances to UV/LED gel products. 

Please always check the product ingredient list prior to use and follow our application guidelines. 

Q. I am worried about dermal allergies. How can I prevent allergies in my salon?

  • Please always follow our application advice.
  • Avoiding skin contact is more crucial than ever in the era of nail prep with tools and e-files. Ensure contact with skin is always avoided, this includes wiping the inhibition layer or a design before it is cured. 
  • Clients or yourself can also react to nail prep products such as cleansers , acetones and acid - free primers. These also contact hardship chemicals and should be applied avoiding skin contact.
  • Check your lamp regularly to ensure its in top working condition. Check out our blog post here on UV/LED lamps and curing. 
  • Tailor the service to your client's natural nails. We do not recommend using BIAB type products on thin, brittle and damaged nails. If you see any hint of pink on the natural nail it is time to change to hard gel. Read our blog post about BIAB pitfalls here. 

Q. I have a medically diagnosed intolerance to an acrylate used in the nail industry. Can I use your products?

Cosmetic formulations are very complex and it can be very difficult to determine if a product may be suitable for someone with existing intolerances. 

Please get in touch with us by email listing the chemicals which you are intolerant to as confirmed by your medical assessment /dermatology patch test and we will contact our chemistry lab to discuss your requirements. 

Q. What should I do if I have experienced a reaction to one of your products? 

A. If any irritation occurs discontinue product use immediately. Please download the Gellifique Allergy Incident Report Form and fill it out. The completed form can be emailed back to us at info@gellifique.com.

We appreciate you taking the time to return the forms to us as this is an important, regulatory step. All forms are kept on file and submitted to authorities which helps to monitor any new allergy incidents to chemicals which have been used in nail systems for many years.

Q. Where are your products made?

A. Our products are made in UK.


Q. I am an independent educator / academy and would like to work with your products. What are the benefits?

A. At Gellifique® we support and preserve the Professional Beauty Industry and it's educators by offering benefits that are awarded strictly to accredited educators and schools.

Due to the nature of the industry within which we operate and to fulfil our company Mission Statement, our Corporate Policy prohibits the availability of the Affiliate Program or monetary compensation to social media influencers.

To accredited educators / academies and colleges we offer an ongoing 40% discount (T&Cs apply).

Please email us at info@gellifique.com and provide a copy of your accreditation certificate.

* According to an independent study carried out by Gellifique® LTD 2022.

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