Please ensure that you are qualified in UV/LED GEL POLISH application to use this product.


  • Dry manicure essentials
  • Gellifique® Acid Free Bonder / Primer
  • Gellifique® BLOOMING GEL
  • Gellifique® Choice of Top and Base coat
  • A 48W UV/LED lamp - 365nm x 405nm with a low heat mode


  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Watercolour effect
  • Air brush effect
  • Flower effect
  • Tie-dye effect


  • Sanitise your hands and your client’s hands.
  • Whenever possible please wear gloves. We recommend completing all nail treatments in gloves to avoid contact of uncured products with skin.
  • Do not use cuticle softening products or warm water.
  • Perform a dry manicure by gently pushing back the cuticle area and removing any non living tissue. Use an e-file for this step if you are trained to use one.
  • Using a 240 grit nail file, shape the free edge of the nail.
  • Using a buffer or a buffing block remove the shine from the entire nail plate.
  • Remove the dust using a nail brush and cleanse the nail with a lint free wipe and Isopropyl Alcohol solution or a specialised cleanser
  • Apply sparingly the Gellifique® Acid Free Nail Bonder / Primer to the natural nail and let it air dry. Avoid skin contact. Avoid using on clients with skin sensitivities.


  • Apply a thin layer of Gellifique®Microcrystal Base Coat and cure for 30 seconds LED or 120 seconds UV.
  • Apply 2 coats of Gellifique® Gel Polish Colour curing between coats.
  • Apply a coat of Gellifique® Blooming Gel and do not cure.
  • Apply a Gellifique® Gel Polish Colour of your choice to a desired area over the uncured Blooming Gel and allow time for the product to work. The gel will disperse on the nail, creating a "bloom" effect.
  • Once you are happy with the created design, cure the product for 60 seconds LED or 120 seconds UV.
  • Please note it’s important to use the full Gellifique® System for best results as the products have been calibrated to work well together.


  • Sanitise your hands and the client’s hands. Reduce the nail length.
  • Using a 150 grit manual file or an e-file (if trained) take down the bulk of the product from each nail.
  • Work around various areas to avoid heat build up to the natural nail and discomfort for the client.
  • Change to a 180 grit file as you get closer to the natural nail.
  • Once the product is thinned down soak a Gellifique® Lint Free Wipe in Acetone and place on the nail and wrap in tin foil.
  • Soak for 15 minutes and scrape off any softened product. Re - wrap if necessary and wait a further 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Any left over product can be gently buffed off the nails.
  • To start a new product application, please follow the relevant section in this application guide.
  • Apply cuticle oil if there is no follow up manicure service.


  • Always avoid skin contact with uncured products.
  • Please do not attempt to remove any gel residue that is still hard.
  • Please use the tools which you have been trained with for product removal.
  • Please take care with pressure and use precision during the removal process in order to avoid overfiling the natural nail.
  • For a manual file removal we recommend switching from 150 grit nail file to a 180 grit file half way and then down to a 240 grit.
  • Please always exercise your professional judgement and advise your customer on an appropriate nail enhancement treatment depending on the condition of their natural nails.

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