Great lasting top coat
Love this top coat. It’s easy to apply and seems to last a long time.
19/11/2023 By Siobhan S.

Excellent Builder gel
My favourite colour in the new Apex range, these products are a pleasure to work with self level, smooth , no need to file, can be worn alone or under colour love love love
08/09/2023 By Janice O.

Beautiful product
Goes on smooth not to thick you can build up thin layers to get the consistency you want , love it
08/09/2023 By Janice O.

Great colour
Love this colour texture is great
08/09/2023 By Janice O.

A beautiful shere colour
Cinderella is the paillest colour in the collection, used on its own is where the colour starts to shine. Beautiful for any occasion especially weddings as it goes with a lot of dominant colours in clothes adding a touch of class for any bridesmaid.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

Blew me away with its colour
Sea Foam blew me away when I received it, totally was not expecting it to be so beautiful vibrant and multi usable. Even if you were just to use this for art your client will not be disappointed. As a full cover colour it's definitely a statement colour so pare up carefully with other vibrant colours to get the best from it.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

Often passed by, that's a mistake
Silk Blouse is often passed by as a colour you think you will not use, this is definitely not the case Silk Blouse is beautiful on client's nails as it is not one you would expect and definitely don't see from high street salons, let your client's become unique with this little beauty.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

Buttercup yellow
Buttercup is a beautiful yellow definitely needs 2/3 very thin coats to bring out its beautiful vibrant colour, use as part of a set or as a french line on all nail shapes. This beauty will hold it's own and is outstanding as an accent nail or design.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

Elsa say no more
Elsa is another fantastic colour from this collection, beautiful smooth streak free application and stunning in colour saturation, beautiful on any nail.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

Zelda is outstanding in colour and looks
Looking for a little something different in the blue range, then look no further Zelda is the one to get, the whole collection is absolutely stunning.
22/07/2023 By Susan E.

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